On Romani Language Day

November 6, 2023

In addition to the academic preparatory components, our Unit offers a wide range of opportunities to RGPP students and to the wider CEU community to engage with Romani history and culture. One of such opportunities is the elective Romani language course we offer. 

On the day of International Romani Language Day, we asked our language teacher and RGPP alumni, Michal Mizigar, to share some of his thoughts about November 5th and its importance:

Having a day dedicated to International Romani Language Day helps us celebrate, remember, and raise awareness. 
Our language is a gift from our ancestors who were marginalized, persecuted, enslaved and even went through the genocide.
Despite all hardships, thanks to the persistence of our ancestors, Roma people managed to keep the language. They did so  without the having had any formal educational institutions and religions. 
With my efforts, I cherish our language and strive for its preservation.  Remember : it is   “Romani language” because it comes from the  word “Rom”. Racial slurs like “gypsy,” “zigeuner,” or “cigán” do not exist in our language.