Alumni successes - Through litigation and teaching

January 1, 2024

Our alumni community keep making us extremely proud of their achievements! More than 200 of them, they continue to make a difference through their personal and professional activities.

Recently, Vivien Brassoi, RGPP alumna from Hungary, shared about some of the latest successess she and her team, including Senada Sali, RGPP alumna from North Macedonia and ERRC legal director, achieved together.

Vivien graduated from RGPP in 2016. She currently works for the European Roma Rights Centre as a Legal Director where she engages in strategic litigation to ensure that the ERRC is supporting Romani people to make cutting edge legal arguments in and out of court to achieve radical change across Europe in multiple thematic areas.

Two years ago when we made an interview with both Vivien and Senada, they both talked about their academic achievement. Vivien also shared that how RGPP helped her trust her own potential and that academia may also be a part in her future. Indeed, as it turns out, not long after our chat, academia crossed both her and her colleague, Senada's paths. 

Since 2020, the ERRC team has been invited by the Université Catholique de Lille - Faculty of Law's International Protection of Minorities' faculty to give a lecture on Roma Rights Litigation. In the fall term of 2023, this one lecture turned into a six-session-course! 

We held a course ‘Roma Rights Litigation: Strategies and Challenges’ , which examined the role of litigation in advancing Roma rights and combating discrimination. Through the course, students gained a better understanding of the legal frameworks and mechanisms available to protect the human rights of Romani communities. Through case studies and practical exercises, students learned about the challenges and opportunities in using litigation to address socio-economic disparities, discrimination, and promote social justice for Romani populations. For example, the second class focused on the mass killings of Roma in Hungary by members of a far-right paramilitary group.

We congratulate to Vivien and Senada on their hard work and we hope to hear about their next achievements!