Elective Courses 2021/2022

MA-level courses hosted by CEU Departments in the 2021/2022 Academic Year:

2021/2022 Fall Term:

Department of History:

HIST5008  Inclusion and Exclusion Perspectives on Humanity and Race in Modern European History of Ideas and Science (Instructors: Laszlo KontlerEmese Lafferton)

Department of Political Science:

POLS5154  Introduction to Political Theory: Justice and Equality (Credits: 4; Instructor: Anca Gheaus)

Department of Public Policy

DOPP5654  Roma Inclusion Policies in Europe: Policy Puzzles (Credits: 2;  Instructor: Violetta Zentai)

Department of Gender Studies:

GENS6300 Intersectionality & Interdisciplinarity in Gender Studies Research (Credits: 2; Instructor: Hannah Loney)

Department of Nationalism Studies:

      NATI5210  Law and Ethnicity (Credits: 4; Instructor: Andras Pap

2021/2022 Winter Term:

Department of Gender Studies:

GENS5139  Bodies Across Borders: Global Migrations in Historical Perspective (Credits: 4; Instructor:  Nadia Jones-Gailani)

Department of Sociology:

SOCL5220  Colonialism and Post-Colonialism (Credits: 2; Instructor: Prem Kumar Rajaram)

Nationalism Studies Program:

      NATI5138 War and Nationalism: Anthropological Perspectives on Ethnic Conflict, War       and Genocide ( Credits:2; Instructor: Michael Stewart)

      Department of History:

           HIST5330  Political Radicalism in the Twentieth Century (Credits: 2;     Instructor: Constantin Iordachi)

2021/2022 Spring Term:

Department of Legal Studies:

LEGS5172  Critical Race Theory: Race and Law from the United States to Europe (Credits: 2; Instructors:  Angéla KóczéMathias Möschel)