Sigrid Rausing Trust-CEU financed internships

The mission of the Roma Access Programs is to offer its graduates opportunities for continued education and meaningful employment. With this in mind, we developed a 3-year internship grant scheme aimed at assisting those who wish to gain experience at international organizations in policy-making, advocacy, project management, professional development, social work, and education.

The most prestigious academic programs and professional positions require applicants who are not only equipped with academic and English language skills, but who have real world working experience. Many of these positions come unpaid. The CEU-SRT Internship grants enable selected participants to generate this important experience that they can later draw upon in building their careers, without placing an undue financial burden upon themselves or their families.

Host institutions are usually in the area of international Roma NGOs, human rights organizations, institutions of the European Union, or professional organizations, relevant for the applicant's career goals.

Since 2011, through these grants, RAP and the Sigrid Rausing Trust hope to contribute to building a critical mass of talented Roma who are capable of working across borders, conducting advocacy on the international stage, succeeding in their careers as Roma intellectuals, and helping other young Roma to move ahead in their own educational and career goals.

Already at its second year, we wish to share the stories of those who are going through this experience. It is our way of celebrating the passionate and competent graduates of the Roma Access Programs, the contributions they are bringing to the hosting institutions and their communities, and empower a new generation of young Roma with the successful examples of their peers.

Here you can read more about the students who received the SRT internship grant: