13.00-14.30 panel 4: The representation of Roma in ethnography, popular culture and fine art


Maria Luiza Medeleanu (University of Bucharest): The Soap Opera Gipsy Heart: Representations and Perceptions

Ecaterina Puia (George Emil Palade University, Târgu Mureş): Identity and Rroma Imagology in the 19th Century

Monica Murgia (Bologna University): The Importance of Being “Gypsy”: Ethnographic Study of Indian Kalbelias “Gypsies” of Rajasthan


Jan Selling (Sodertorn University)


Dezso Mate

14.30-15.00 Coffee break

15.00-16.30 book panel: The Roma and Their Struggle for Identity in Contemporary Europe

Roundtable discussion with the authors: Huub van Baar, Delaine Le Bas, Malachi Hacohen, Tina Magazzini, Angela Kocze, Iulius Rostas, Debra Schultz, Julia Szalai, Nidhi Trehan, Violetta Zentai.

Chair: Peter Vermeersch

19.00 - 20.20 Discussion on Roma Slavery and Screening of Letter of Forgiveness


Alina Serban (actress, director, protagonist of the film)

Adrian-Nicolae Furtună (Quality of Life Research Institute, Romanian Academy; National Centre of Roma Culture)

Chair: Katalin Nemeth (Central European University)