Mikulás Lakatos

    Mikulas Lakatos holds a BA degree in General Nursing from the Slovak Medical University of Bratislava. During his work as a registered nurse practitioner, he observed the shortcomings in access to healthcare services for national minorities in Slovakia and the legislative issues regarding their implementation in clinical practice. Mikulas also has several years of experience in working, leading, educating and facilitating youth; in recent years, he has mainly focused on working with Roma youth.

    In 2019, Mikulas was selected to be a Youth Activities Coordinator and National Minority Health Consultant for the Office of the Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Roma Communities in the Ministry of the Interior. He generated and implemented youth policies for Roma with a specific focus on improving reciprocal interaction between the Roma community, the Office of the Plenipotentiary and state institutions. This initiative strove to improve opportunities for the personal and professional development of Roma youth. Within this mandate, Mikulas also participated in the preparation process for the National Strategy for Roma Integration by 2030, where he focused on improving access to transcultural and community nursing.

At CEU, he is taking tutoring classes in Public Policy and looks forward to working on issues pertaining to Roma as well as improving the legislative shortcomings in providing and receiving healthcare services. Mikulas views RGPP as an excellent opportunity for broadening his knowledge and horizons as well as preparing to apply to an MA program in Public Policy.