Miljana Cabrilovski

An anthropologist and ethnologist from Serbia with a BA degree from the  Faculty on Philosophy at the University of Belgrade, Miljana focuses her talents on her particular interest, Human Rights. During her studies, she collaborated with numerous NGOs on projects for minorities in Serbia that included issues related to Roma, women’s rights and health care.

       After completing an internship at the Ministy of Public Administration and Local Self-Goverment in the Republic of Serbia, Miljana was employed in the Sector for Human and Minority Rights and Freedoms for one year. This experience inspired her to continue her studies in the field of law because laws and human rights  are the foundation of every society: they are connected to every area in society, including politics, culture, economy, family relations, etc. She thinks that better laws are the first step toward global change and progress and strongly feels it is important for her to improve herself in this area and implement this knowledge in her work.

       Beyond the importance she places on informal education as an opportunity for growth and development, Miljana belives that her time at CEU will introduce her to new dimensions in Human Rights. A combination of Roma, Macedonian and Serbia culture, her background has taught her how to understand and champion diversity in the world. As an altruist who fights against discrimination and for equality in society, Miljana’s goal is to work at a global organization and spread the law of dignity, humanity and equality on an international level.