MA Graduates 2022

July 5, 2022
MA 2022– RGPP Alumni, MA/MSc graduating cohort:
  • Alba Hernandez, Gender Studies
  • Ersan Küçükoğlu, Econ- MSc in Business Analytics
  • Katalin Rostas, Econ Policy
  • Klaudia Veizaj, Cultural Heritage Studies
  • Lilla Eredics, Sociology
  • Miljana Cabrilovski, Human Rights
  • Nadja Greku, International Relations
  • Rufat Demirov, Political Science

RGPP 2022

July 5, 2022
The Romani Studies Program has successfully graduated its 18th cohort!
RGPP 2022- Graduating Cohort:
  • Anila Harapi
  • Daniela Baçe
  • Dimitar Dimitrov
  • Elmas Köçkün
  • Elvira Popenko
  • Fatlum Kryeziu
  • Rayna Emilova
  • Stelina Dungaj
  • Tomas Sarkozi
  • Tunay Tokmak

Study Visit to Neubrandenburg, Germany to Foster Learning about Past, Present, and Future

June 7, 2022

Besides preparing students for applying to international MA programs, the Roma Graduate Preparation Program offers a variety of opportunities to students. These opportunities are related to community building and networking in the international Romani network and learning about Romani history, politics, arts, and culture.

“The Romani Women’s Movement - Struggles and Debates in Central and Eastern Europe” Translated in Spanish - El Movimiento de Mujeres Romaníes

May 23, 2022

Published in 2018, the book titled The Romani Women’s Movement Struggles and Debates in Central and Eastern Europe is a unique attempt to narrate political struggles and movements through Romani women’s lens. Most of the authors of this 12-chapter book are Romani women researchers and activists, who present diverse experiences and voices as they position themselves through their research. The authors’ background is not the only unique feature of the book. The Romani Women’s Movement introduces the oftentimes unheard and complex realities of Romani women in gender politics Europewide using feminist and intersectional framework and invites a wide range of audiences to reflect on their own engagement with social justice agendas.

Now 4 years later, we are pleased to announce that the first translation of the book targeting non-English speaking audiences is available. On April 8, 2022, the news of a Spanish translation was announced. The translated book is made available by the publishing house Kaótica Libros.

Sergen Gül, RGPP Alumni, Contributing to Cancer and COVID-19 Research through his Ph.D

April 22, 2022



Over the 18 years, our students came from various backgrounds with different interests. After graduation, more than 85% of the students continue their studies on MA level, and the number of alumni pursuing Ph.D. studies has also been growing.