Mishto Kaj Avilan ke RSP Rigate! - Welcome to the RSP's Page!

July 13, 2021

It is our great pleasure to announce that the introduction of our page is available in Romani language! 

Romani is a worldwide used language which has logical grammar structures and more than 6000 vocabulary living for centuries in various dialects.

Thanks to our unit's Romani language instructor, Melinda Vajda, in the past five years students had the opportunity to learn the language throughout the academic year. 

Being Part of a Collective

May 16, 2021

Being Part of a Collective 

Sebijan or Sebi is one of our alumnae, who started as an RGPP student, continued her studies at CEU, and for a couple of years she also worked as an RSP coordinator. Sebi is a young activist - scholar, a fierce student - advocate, and a great friend for many. On the Romani Resistance Day, we want to share some of Sebi’s thoughts about the Program, the role of academia, and the RSP community.

Roma Community, Intensive Language Course, and a New Educational Philosophy

April 22, 2021

Roma Community, Intensive Language Course, and a New Educational Philosophy

The English Language Opened my Horizons

April 12, 2021

 "The English Language Opened my Horizons”  - Interview with Biser Alekov (RAP, 2004)


A Way Towards Success and Possibilities

March 25, 2021

"A Way Towards Success and Possibilities"

Semiha (Semi) is one of the 17 Albanian Roma students who have got admitted to the Program over the 17 years. Semi has all the characteristics we are looking for in RGPP students. She is a highly independent, hard working person. She knows what she wants and is continuously looking for opportunities to grow. She is committed to encouraging young Roma girls to continue their education. While she considers her work for UNDP as one of her greatest privileges, she finds it equally exciting to develop relations with her new Turkish Roma community and engage in the daily interaction with Roma children and other volunteers. Currently she is a RES grantee working at a Turkish Roma organization, where she tutors students.
Why to apply to RGPP? Semi says: "Students who have been and will be there are lucky." For me RGPP is a way towards success and possibilities."