Alumni successes - Through litigation and teaching

January 1, 2024

Our alumni community keep making us extremely proud of their achievements! More than 200 of them, they continue to make a difference through their personal and professional activities.

Recently, Vivien Brassoi, RGPP alumna from Hungary, shared about some of the latest successess she and her team, including Senada Sali, RGPP alumna from North Macedonia and ERRC legal director, achieved together.

Apply to ROMIT- IT training lead by RSP Alumni

December 18, 2023

The ROMIT program is a tech workforce development program targeting Roma individuals.

The program has 3 components: basic IT education, strategic connections with HR professionals from major corporations, and the establishment of a mentorship program.

RSP at 2023 CEU Open Day

December 10, 2023

During this year's CEU's Open Day, our Unit also had a table!

With the help of a small team, Fatos Kaytan, Klaudjo Veizi, Candela Herreros Andradez, Maria Aguilera Martin, Slobodan Stankovic, all RGPP alumni and current MA students, attending guests in the CEU Library could learn about RGPP, the Advanced Certificate Program, and our growing community!

On Romani Language Day

November 6, 2023

In addition to the academic preparatory components, our Unit offers a wide range of opportunities to RGPP students and to the wider CEU community to engage with Romani history and culture. One of such opportunities is the elective Romani language course we offer. 

On the day of International Romani Language Day, we asked our language teacher and RGPP alumni, Michal Mizigar, to share some of his thoughts about November 5th and its importance: