The RSP Experience Binds US Together Forever!

December 1, 2021

Since 2004, we have built an alumni body of more than 200 bring Roma individuals from all over Europe! Please help us grow our community!

Whether you attended RAP back before 2012, or you were a part of the unique RELP program, or you are a current RGPP student, we believe that you have a lot to say about your experiences. 

What does RSP/RELP/RAP/RGPP mean to you? Who should apply? What should RGPP applicatants know about our community? What is YOUR story?

RSP Alumni - Share your Ideas!

November 22, 2021

After the first virtual alumni event of this academic year, we invite you to shape our future alumni programs!

Let us know what interests you as a RELP/RGPP/RAP Alumni!

Would you like to see monthly online tea/coffee nights and catch up with life updates and meet new RGPP students?