Alumni Stories

Aida Farkas (Romania, RELP '15, RGPP '16): 'I will make it'

This is not yet a success story. These are only the pieces of a puzzle; however they are achievements and my way to realise them is through the happiness that I can read in the eyes of my parents.

I was sad, happy, lost, inspired, fell in love, and I found hope - Selma Selman on her year after RGPP

2016 was an incredible year! I was sad, happy, lost, inspired, fell in love, and I found hope.

Lantos-Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship - Edita Rigova

With a BA focused on Roma communities and an MA in social work from her native Slovakia, Edita is an alumna of the Roma English Language Program (2011/2012) and the Roma Graduate Preparation Program (2012/13).

Noelia Lupianez (Spain, RGPP '15)

The RGPP program helped to improve my English and academic skills, and prepared me to compete for Master's-level courses at internationally recognized universities. Furthermore, it gave me access to an internship grant awarded by the Open Society Foundations, for graduated students of the Roma Access Program. This grant aimed at boosting our professional development and career skills through a 6 months long internship to be carried out in a Roma organization in our country of origin or at international level.

Jan Balaz (Slovakia, '14)

The Roma Graduate Preparation Program contributed to my intellectual growth and career development. The program, thanks to the excellent curricula, is a balanced mixture of academic English training and academic writing skills from which I am still benefiting greatly. Besides the academic preparation, the program supported me during my internship at the Embassy of the United States of America in Bratislava.