Alumni Stories

Arman Heljic (Bosnia and Herzegovina, RGPP '13)

The Roma Access Programs represent a unique space of transformations. It is a space of constant questioning of the knowledge about the worlds we grew up in, and those towards which we strive, in a joint journey and struggle against discrimination and exclusion. Roma Access Programs offer an environment that is a safe space for renegotiation of our knowledge about what it means to be Roma. I was blessed to have classmates and be in an institution that supports this dialogue.

Roland Ferkovics (Hungary, RGPP '13)

RGPP is the beginning, the beginning of your professional and academic career. It is the beginning of acquiring the tools and the knowledge that can strongly help you make your dreams come true. If you are committed to work on Roma issues but also to develop yourself in an international environment, do apply!

Albert Memeti (Bulgaria, RAP '12)

RGPP is just like the roots of a tree that furnish the nutrients for the community growth by providing an environment to develop your knowledge, to embrace and challenge your own identity and develop academic skills to challenge the status quo of the Roma in the society. 

Olesija Cili (Albania, RAP '11)

I am one of the fortunate students who studied for 10 months at RGPP, which is one of those programs that changed my life and my way of thinking, and gave me the possibility to improve my English at an academic level, equipped me with academic skills, and provided us with the opportunity to improve our knowledge of Romani language, history and culture. My favorite part had been the classes in Human Rights and Public Policy.

Jelena Jovanovic (Serbia, RAP '11)

It is not only about the Roma Access Programs being unique. It is our common struggle to institutionalize social responsibility towards Roma, when it comes to academic spaces, too. Central European University is a leader in this regard and I hope it will do much more in the future.