The epistemic, institutional and political development of Roma contemporary art by Timea Junghaus

The Roma cultural movement and its central notion Roma contemporary art have been one of the most efficient vehicles in the past four decades for the exploration of Roma subjectivities.

Race, Justice, Solidarity: A Critical Inquiry into the Pro-Roma Global Civil Society by Márton Rövid

Over the past two decades, in the wake of post-communist transition, the emergence of Romani activism has been an important development accompanying political changes in Central and Eastern Europe. Alongside the emergence of Romani associations, international NGOs have been increasingly involved in the struggle against the discrimination of Roma. A special microcosm has developed within global civil society that is specialized in the so-called ‘Roma issue’, comprising non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations, expert bodies, foundations, activists and politicians.

Aida Farkas (Romania, RELP '15, RGPP '16): 'I will make it'

This is not yet a success story. These are only the pieces of a puzzle; however they are achievements and my way to realise them is through the happiness that I can read in the eyes of my parents.

I was sad, happy, lost, inspired, fell in love, and I found hope - Selma Selman on her year after RGPP

2016 was an incredible year! I was sad, happy, lost, inspired, fell in love, and I found hope.

RAP is looking for a Program Coordinator for the Roma Graduate Preparation Program

The Roma Graduate Preparation Program at Central European University, Budapest accepts applications for the Program Coordinator position. 

Deadline: 6 June, 2016 /// Starting date: 1 July, 2016

Duties and responsibilities:

• Planning and coordinating recruitment and selection process in close cooperation with the RGPP selection committee (organizes application files, facilitates scheduling interviews, arranges interviews)