Viola Popenko

Country: Ukraine Department: Human Rights Enrollment Year: 2017

Apply to RAP: messages from current students

"Calm down and come study at the Roma Graduate Preparation Program, here, at CEU. Your perspectives will change positively. I improved a lot over the past months. Don't worry any longer, come and join us!"

Xhenson Cela, student of Roma Graduate Preparation Program, Albania, Tutoring in Public Policy

Volodymyr Yakovenko (Ukraine)

October 29, 2015
I came to Hungary to learn English in RELP, so that I can realize my professional and social projects. My favorite thing about RELP is that it gives me the space to grow.

Kateryna Flora (Ukraine)

October 13, 2015
This program is very important for me because I want to learn English and I believe that receiving additional education is important for my future.

Julian Kondur

October 5, 2015
Country: Ukraine Academic Background: Law