Application Form and Checklist


Materials sent by postal mail, email or fax will NOT be considered unless indicated otherwise. In order for an applicant’s package to be considered complete and therefore eligible, the following documents are requested:

1. Completed RGPP Online Application Form 2024/2025 in English.

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. Academic Records (online version)

4. Motivation Letter

5. Identity Essay

6. Interest in Academic Fields Form (at the bottom of this page)

7. Letter(s) of Recommendation

Details about each of the documents:

1. Completed RGPP Online Application Form 2024/25 in English.

  • First, you must REGISTER for the ONLINE APPLICATION platform.
  • Candidates who applied to CEU before, should use their existing login account. If you cannot access your existing account, click on "Forgotten Password" or contact CEU IT Help Desk at
  • There are no application fee charges for applying to RGPP.
  • Please submit your application only when it is 100% final and completeApplications cannot be edited after submission.
  • Candidates are asked to always refer to the program websites for detailed guidelines.
  • Applying to RGPP does NOT require providing a written proof of English language proficiency. Therefore, your answer to following question in the online application: "Do you qualify for exemption from providing proof of English proficiency? " should be “YES”. Then you can proceed to the next steps in the online application.
  • With technical problems, bugs or errors related to the online application forms please contact the CEU IT Help Desk at

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English, including academic background, work experience (if any) and involvement in Roma related issues (if any). In addition, the CV must clearly indicate your level of English (minimum B1). 

3. Academic Records

Your online application must include:

* Scanned copy or photocopy of Bachelor's diploma or certificate of enrollment confirming that you graduated or will graduate from university by June 2024 (f possible, with English translation, however, we accept the document in your national language at this stage of application process).

* Scanned copy or photocopy of Bachelor's transcript showing courses taken and grades received during all the university years (if possible, with English translation, however, we accept the document in your national language at this stage of application process).

Please note that if your application is successful, you will have to provide an official English version/translation of your BA diploma and transcript  PRIOR TO THE START OF YOUR RGPP STUDIES.

4. Motivation Letter in English (500 words) stating why you would like to participate in this program. The motivation letter should describe the academic and professional achievements, interests and plans for the future. It should also describe your involvement in Roma issues and specifically reflect on the ways in which you intend to serve as a role model for your community in the future.

5. Identity Essay in English (250 words) describing the factors you see as important for defining you as a Roma.

6. Interest in Academic Fields Form: Please use the attached form below to indicate which subjects you are interested in studying during RGPP and upload the form in the online application. (Will be attached to this page soon)

7. Letters of Recommendation assess your ability to conduct graduate-level work and potential for a successful academic or professional career. One mandatory Recommendation Letter via the Online Platform of CEU as well as optional - but strongly advised - Recommendation Letter(s) sent to us via email as it follows:

* In addition to the first mandatory reference letter, candidates may attach optional second or third reference letters from a professor or an employer or a supervisor. It is strongly advised to submit at least one additional Recommendation Letter from a recognized Roma organization. This additional letter should be sent by the recommender not via the online CEU platform but to the following email address: by April 15, 2024.  The subject line should indicate: RGPP 2024/25 and the full name of the CEU applicant. The letter should be in English.