Welcome Back Alumni - First Virtual Event of the Academic Year

November 9, 2021

On November 6, 2021, the Romani Studies Program held the first Alumni & RSP Community event of the 2021/2022 academic year!

RSP invited all generations & friends to a social event. Grantees and students of more than 8 cohorts joined the event! During the event, RSP community members talked about the shared passion for and commitment to the community. 

The whole RSP community means family to me, because since I have met these people, teachers, students, mentors and other people, I feel like I have a community which helps me if I need help.
Marina Csikos, RELP, RGPP Alumna

Following a warmup and informal introduction, participants were invited to view and provide feedback on an RSP promotional video that features 20+ alumni, grantees, and supporters. They were encouraged to suggest improvements and follow up with alternative ways for engaging with RGPP applicants, donors, and the broader public.

The event was closed with another round of discussion where alumni focused on barnstorming about alumni events. Participants brought up important questions about the structure of the Program, and they were excited to take part in ensuring that the legacy of RSP survives and thrives and supporting new RGPP cohorts and recruitment process.

Interested in shaping upcoming alumni events, meeting current students, and creating a more vibrant RSP community? Please let us know your thoughts!

Write us @ Nemethk@ceu.edu


The next alumni event will be announced soon!