Non-degree student policy of the Central European University

Non-Degree Student Policy refers to non-degree students of the programs of Közép-európai Egyetem (“KEE”) or Central-European University (“CEU”).

The University may admit applicants who wish to undertake a limited period of study as non-degree students. These are individuals who do not wish to pursue a degree at the University but are interested in taking specific courses or conducting supervised research. Such applicants may be accepted with a non-degree student status for the duration of a course, a term, or a full academic year.

The Romani Studies Program is offering one non-degree program, the Roma Graduate Preparation Program (RGPP) .

RGPP students are those, who are Roma students, who have completed a first degree at a recognized institution of higher education and wish to undergo a preparation course for graduate level degree programs.

Succesfully enrolling and completing the programs does not ensure acceptance to Central European University's degree programs. Read more about the non-degree student policy.