Mariann Dosa

RGPP Academic Tutor/Mentor

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Mariann defended her PhD in Social Policy at Oxford in 2016. She graduated with an MA in International Relations and Economics (2007) from the Corvinus University of Budapest and subsequently completed a post-graduate course in Gender Studies (2009) at the Central European University in Hungary.
Following this, Mariann served as a Junior Researcher at CEU, where she drew on her extensive practitioner knowledge of the plight of minority domestic Roma communities. She acted as a mentor for the Roma Settlement Elimination Programme of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour. She has been consultant to Hungarian policy-makers in areas related to gender-, ethnicity- and class-based inequalities.
Since 2009, Mariann has been a volunteer member of ‘The City is for All’, a grassroots community organisation in which she works together with homeless people to secure housing rights in Hungary. 
In 2014, she co-founded the School of Public Life in Hungary, which aims to improve the country’s democratic culture through education and training for marginalised people and their communities. Mariann is head of educational programmes in the organisation and teaches introductory courses in social inequalities, citizenship rights and social policy in prison facilities, grassroots organisations, as well as the Roma and the refugee programmes of CEU.