Petra Bakos

RGPP Academic Tutor/Mentor

Contact information

Petra Bakos is a PhD Candidate of Comparative Gender Studies at the Central European University. She holds an MA in Gender Studies (Department of Gender Studies, CEU Budapest) and a University Diploma in Linguistics and Literature with Full Educational Credential (Department of Hungarian Language and Literature, University of Novi Sad, Serbia). Petra Bakos also holds a certificate from CEU's CTL Program for Excellence in Teaching in Higher Education.

Petra Bakos's versatile teaching credentials include teaching literature in Hungarian minority high school settings in Serbia, holding creative writing workshops to youth of ethnic minorities, as well as TA-ing at CEU's Gender Studies Department. 

She's had the honor to serve as a tutor in CEU's RGPP for the 2016/17 and the current school year. Working as a tutor of future scholars has made her reconsider the kinds of personal investment teaching requires beyond academic excellence and topical up-to-dateness, and focus more on the effects one's pedagogical stance may have on nurturing the budding interests of students.