Vivien Brassói

RGPP Academic Tutor/Mentor

Contact information

Vivien Brassói is currently teaching the RGPP International Human Rights Law course. Vivien graduated from the Faculty of Law at ELTE in Budapest. She has acquired a strong foundation in the field of international human rights, which she has strengthened through participation in programmes such as the Roma Graduate Preparation Programme at Central European University, which she completed in 2016. As a Professional Fellow with the Legislative Fellows Program - Sustaining Civic Participation in Minority Communities, she had completed a fellowship related to community organizing in Boston, MA in 2017. Prior to joining the ERRC, Vivien worked at the Romaversitas Foundation, the Autonómia Foundation, and the Open Society Foundations.
Her main interests include the realization of social and economic rights, access to justice and legal empowerment, the intersection of law and community organizing and how legal empowerment can be combined with strategic litigation, legal services and community organizing.