RGPP End-of-Year Student Seminar

Every year, at the end of the program, all the students have the opportunity to present the results of the research they worked on in an event organized to simulate a real conference setting. The event marks the culmination of a full year of hard work and study by the students. In this context, prominent activists and scholars are invited as key speakers in a lecture open to the public.

The topics discussed during the 2020-21 RGPP End-of-Year Student Seminar (by panels):

Panel 1: Environmental injustice

  • Ersan Kücükoglu: The impacts of geothermal energy on rural communities within the framework of modernization and environmental justice: The case of Aydin, Turkey
  • Sergen Gül: The impact of Turkey’s modernization and industrialization policies on the Roma community: An environmental justice study on the Ergene Basin

Panel 2: Women, power, and violence

  • Miljana Cabrilovski: Sterilization as a weapon of bio-power: The forced sterilization of Romani women in Czechoslovakia and its successor countries
  • Alba Hernandez Sanchez: The invisibility of Romani women in Spanish laws on gender-based violence: Reasons and consequences
  • Maria Atanasova: How do the state and society talk about violence? Multiple actors in the Bulgarian case of the Istanbul Convention

Panel 3: Community and culture

  • Petro Rusanienko: Why do gay Roma remain invisible to everyone?
  • Sevdjulje Ramadani: Living on the margins and moving forward: An ethnographic study of Veliki Rit, an illegal settlement in Serbia
  • Gopalas Michailovskis: Defining the cultural representation of the Lithuanian Roma

Panel 4: Participation and representation

  • Mikulas Lakatos: The Roma minority in the 2021 Slovak National Census: A survey on the factors contributing to revealing or concealing Roma self-identification.
  • Serdjan Baftijari: Why Roma do not have their authentic representation in parliament? A case study of Roma in Montenegro

The topics discussed during the 2019-20 RGPP End-of-Year Student Seminar:

  • Rufat Demirov -The Power of Self-naming: Between Denial and Political Identity; The First World Romani Congress
  • Sunita Memetovic - Between Freedom of Expression and Discriminatory Policies: Is There a Right to Beg?
  • Nadja Greku -  Here, There Is No Such Thing as Hope: Tracing the Lost Hope of Roma from Yugoslav Socialism to the Post-Yugoslav Era
  • Sara Dungaj - Access to Social Housing Programs and Barriers Marginalized Groups - Roma and Egyptian Minorities - Face in Tirana, Albania
  •  Behije Kodra - Securitization of Roma During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Cases of Albania and Slovakia
  • Katalin Rostás - Analysis of the Family Protection Action Plan in Hungary
  • József Csendes - Burgeois Development of Roma from the Reform Age to Trianon (1825-1920)
  • Klaudia Veizaj - The Influence of Italian Fascist Architecture in Albania in the First Half of the 20th Century
  • Lilla Eredics - NEM! - A Novel Space of Female Solidarity Within the Leftist Activist Network of Budapest

The topics discussed during the 2018-19 RGPP End-of-Year Student Seminar:

  • Dragana Kokora - Analysis of news and comments about Roma people on the regional portal N1
  • Natali Tomenko - Roma as fortune tellers in the Soviet and American cartoons of 1973
  • Dzenifer Dzeladin - Segregation in primary schools in Macedonia and the impact on further education of Roma children
  • Adnan Schubert - A micro-study of Roma migration from Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Tomljenovic Azemina - From theory to practice: Local Action Plans for Roma integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017-2020
  • Aleksandra Koriak - Hate crimes against Roma in Ukraine
  • Judit Jóni - Roma minority schools: The difference between minority and segregated schools
  • Sebair Selmani - Machine Learning: Artificial neural network and linear regression methods with a case-study
  • Eglantina Aliu - Electoral systems
  • Miroslav Mitras - Roma members of the European Parliament: How have they made it?
  • Yaqoub Erzsébet Lisa - The nature of revolution through Sudan's recent example 2019
  • Burcu Kisac - Art, racism and violence
  • Dorina Azemi - Islam feminism

The topics discussed during the 2017 RGPP End-of-Year Student Seminar:

  • Banda Pal Securitization of Islam. How the United Kingdom Independence Party's Discourse on Islam Aims to increase their Political Influence
  • Bulbul Gamze Towards a Definition of Islamophobia in Contemporary Hungary
  • Cankurt Ilkin Mapping Individual and Institutional Reactions to Officially Sanctioned Islamophobia
  • Ferkovics Attila Andras Labour Market Integration of the Roma in Hungary: Analysis and Policy Suggestions 
  • Jeri Janos Populism and Globalization
  • Kochev Angel Shades of Otherness: Differing Perceptions of Multiple Muslim Identities
  • Kovacs Adrienn The Difficulty of Formulating and Implementing Policies on Women’s Rights in Bangladesh
  • Lakatos Timea Mapping the Introduction of Inclusive Education in Hungary
  • Lala Fridon Foreign Aid Effectiveness in Post Conflict Countries: Case Study Kosovo
  • Majko Irena Roma Women in Albania: Juggling Traditional Values and Career Perspective
  • Popenko Viola Comparing IDPs and National Minorities: protection mechanisms in the context of the Roma in Ukraine
  • Racz Tibor Are Anti-corruption Networks able to Strengthen Democracy in Central Eastern European Countries?
  • Shvedchenko Violeta Protection of National Minorities in Ukraine through the Lens of the Olshany Crisis
  • Tahiri Allmir How Did NATO Legitimize Military Intervention in the Cases of Bosnia and Kosovo after the   Break-up of Yugoslavia?
  • Vaitsekhovskii Denis Analysis of the Effects of the So-Called “Undesirable Organizations Law” on Romani Mobilization in Russia
  • Vajda Melinda Muslim Women Negotiating Islamophobia      
  • Vidak Gabor Drug Use and School Dropout among Roma Students
  • Yakimov Dancho Energy Poverty among People with Disabilities in the Blagoevgrad Region, Bulgaria: Dimensions and Manifestations 

You may see the program of the 2017 RGPP End-of-Year Student Seminar here.

The topics discussed during the 2016 RGPP End-of-Year Student Seminar:

  • Brassoi  Vivien The Human Rights Perspective of Socio-Economic Disadvantages as New Grounds of Discrimination
  • Cela Xhenson Community Media as a Tool for Influencing Policies: Housing and Environment in Albania
  • Demir Manuela Roma Empowerment Through Ethnic Mobilization: Case study of Roma Youth Informal Initiative "Romano Avazi" in Macedonia, 2012.
  • Esztergalyos Karoly Accessibility of the Hungarian Tertiary Education by Roma Students
  • Farkas Aida Diana Discrimination and Ill Treatment of Roma by Police in Romania: Causes, Effects and Possible Solutions
  • Gol/Yilmaz Fatma External Debt and Its Effects on Economic Growth, Turkey is an example country
  • Ignacz Judit A Complicated Relationship: Fidesz and Jobbik in Hungary
  • Jakab Zsuzsanna Common Past Divided Memories: Reconstruction of History Through Monuments in Hungary
  • Komaromi  Maria What Should a “Good Mother” Do? Gender Relations and Development Initiatives in a Segregated Roma Settlement in Hungary.
  • Kondur Julian Violation of Right to Health of Roma in Ukraine: State Obligations, Access to Health Care Services and Legal Nationality         
  • Kovacs Zsuzsanna Discriminatory practices in environmental policies
  • Petrenko Nikolai Labour Migration as a Panacea to Socio-Economic Problems: A Case Study of Tajikistan
  • Sandor Arnold The forced evictions of Roma in Miskolc 
  • Sulejmanova  Marija Questioning the constitutionality: the case of the new Special Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Timchenkov Andrei Kurdish Question in the Middle East: Self-determination and the Creation of a new Independent State

See the program of the 2016 RGPP End-of-Year Student Seminar here.

RGPP End-of-year student seminar 2015

The topics discussed during the 2015 RGPP End-of-Year Student Seminar:

  • Asim Demiran: The Pros and the Cons of China-Africa relationship
  • Calin Nicoleta: An Analysis of the National Consultation Process in Hungary: The Manipulative Power of the Sociopolitical Elite
  • Chomanic Marek: European Anti-discrimination Legal Framework and Jurisdiction vs. Reality. How minorities are still discriminated in the old continent
  • Cara Ramona-Maria: Inclusion of diversity and culture: Does the social inclusion of Roma advocate the real needs of Roma?
  • Harapi Semiha: Housing challenges of the Roma community in Albania
  • Huseini Almir: Roma people victims of Human Right policies promoted by International Organizations
  • Ignácz Andrea: Segregation in education in Hungary - A case study of Huszar settlement, Nyiregyhaza
  • Lupianez Noelia: Can positive psychology make people happier? An experiment that leads to increase happiness in students from Roma Access Programs
  • Nuredini Albana: Right to adequate standard of living (Right to housing) in Albania
  • Orsos Mihaly: Energy Poverty in Hungary and the "Light Bringers"
  • Selman Selma: I am an artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Tair Fikrija: Benefits and losses of the Macedonian budget concerning the Roma community
  • Toader Ionica: Challenges of Roma Integration Policies: The case-study of Roma in England
  • Torok Ildiko: Between a rock and a hard place - Empowerment of Roma women to participate in decision making processes

See the program of the 2015 RGPP End-of-Year Student Seminar here.

The topics discussed during the 2014 RGPP End-of-Year Student Seminar:

  • Balaz Jan: Affirmative actions from a practical and normative perspective
  • Balaz Marek : Roma participation in the case of Slovakia: NRIS 2020 and Roma Reform
  • Besic Radosav: Government budget benefits of Roma education
  • Conkova Anna: “That I am Roma does not mean that I will wear black trousers, a white shirt and hat on my head”. Establishing dialogue between fashion designers
  • Csanya Ildiko : “Come to the front and be a believer!” Hidden mechanisms of segregation in an Evangelical movement
  • Dinu Liviu Iulian: Polishing a profession – being a video chat model in Romania
  • Fyudr Yanina: Ethnic discrimination in the labor market: lessons from Ukraine in light of EU and UN framework
  • Heljic Arman: Roma masculinities: performativity, self-perception and social practices among RGPP men
  • Jakab Laszlo Oliver : Forms and extent of segregation of Roma students in Hungary
  • Jasharov Jashar: The problem of not being able to obtain a Personal Identification Card (ID)
  • Jonas Marianna: The old Jobbik in the new? An analysis of a far right party's visual campaign materials
  • Kallai Andras: Ethicized Roma representation in Hungary: categorization in the fine arts based on Roma origin
  • Koszegi Krisztina: Death penalty and life imprisonment
  • Ludlova Nikola: Narratives of growing up as a man in a Romani family – reflections on constructing one's masculinity
  • Marton Jozsef: Racial profiling in Budapest 8th district
  • Nemeth Katalin: Teacher incentives within education systems
  • Redjepi Nadire: Profit and losses - effects of migration on the budget of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Sali Senada: The status of stateless people under the International Public Law: concept, regulation, problems and possible solutions
  • Savic Jelena: Occupational freedom and benefiting the worse off
  • Selmani Deniz: Model of minority representation: The case study of Roma in Macedonia
  • Shakjiri Elvis: Discrimination against Roma at the borders of Macedonia: state obligations regarding freedom of movement in International and European Human Rights law
  • Stoyanov Atanas: Targeted versus universal policies for Roma, on the basis of the European Social Fund in Bulgaria

See the program of the 2014 RGPP End-of-Year Student Seminar here.