RGPP Seminar Series

Roma in Europe: seminars on socio-cultural, political and policy issues

Every year, the Roma Graduate Preparation Program is organizing a series of seminars on socio-cultural, political and policy issues to do with Roma communities and politics in Europe. The aim of the seminar is to reflect on pressing social issues and problems faced by Roma communities, on histories of Roma, on movements for and on behalf of Roma communities and on artistic and cultural expression of Roma identity. The overall goal of the seminar series is to expose the students to the basis for thinking what it is to be Roma in Europe today. How does the identity of Roma interweave with politics for (and against) Roma? What are the histories of Roma communities in Europe and how and why have they often been silenced? What does it mean to think and express Roma identity socially and politically in Europe today? What are the connections between social responsibility and the mobilization of Roma identity?

The seminars are envisioned to be discussion-led and focus on readings that our presenters distribute to students beforehand. Students are asked to read the provided materials for each of the sessions organized, to be prepared to actively participate in the class discussion by addressing questions, sharing their views and opinions on the basis of the reading and on their own experience

Seminar Series 2016-2017:

30 September - Race, Justice, Solidarity: A Critical Inquiry into the Pro-Roma Global Civil Society with Márton Rövid, Program Manager, Center for Policy Studies

7 October - The epistemic, institutional and political development of Roma contemporary art with Timea Junghaus,  Founding Director of the European Roma Cultural Foundation and Gallery8 - Roma Contemporary Art Space.

Seminar Series 2015-2016:

2 October 2015 - Roma Inclusion Index 2015 with Aleksandra Bojadjieva, Policy and Research Officer at the Decade of the Roma Inclusion Secretariat Foundation.

16 October 2015 - Research Presentations by RAP Alumni: Jelena Jovanovic, Junior Research Fellow, Center for Policy Studies at CEU, Simona Torotcoi, doctoral student of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations at CEU and Bujar Taho, doctoral student in Comparative Constitutional law at CEU. 

6 November - Anti-Gypsyism and Romani movement with Dr. Iulius RostasVisiting Lecturer at Corvinus University of Budapest and an Affiliated Fellow with the Institute for Advanced Studies at CEU.

4 December - Roma Art - The Subaltern Revolt with Timea Junghaus, Art historian and contemporary art curator.Timea Junghaus: Roma Art - The Subaltern Revolt, RGPP Seminar Series 4

15 April - Workshop on Higher Education and Higher Education Policy with Liviu Matei, Provost and Pro-Rector, CEU and Professor, School of Public Policy, CEU.

29 April - Crafted objectivity: Roma groupness in scientific and administrative practice with Mihai Surdu, Senior Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, CEU.

27 May - No more Kings with Michael Simmons, Consultant, International Human Rights Advocacy and Community Organizing.