Roma in European Societies

The Roma in European Societies (RES) initiative has been launched in 2016 as the first of its kind in higher education a new interdisciplinary effort to support existing work to improve the situation of Roma in all sectors at local, national, and regional levels through graduate education, advanced research, teaching, leadership development, professional training, and community outreach funded by a consortium of grant makers. The initiative is supported by a EUR2 million grant from the Velux Foundations in Denmark over five academic years. The Open Society Foundations’ Roma Initiatives Office (OSF RIO) and the Roma Education Fund (REF) matched this grant by equal amount over the same period. CEU and other funders are also investing an additional EUR1 million.

Activities within RES

  • Activity 1 / Advanced Research Fellowships: 5 fellowships awarded (3 in 2015-16 / Year 1 and 2 in 2016-17 / Year 2). In addition, 3 Roma Doctoral students were awarded scholarships in 2016-17 / Year 2 by CEU.
  • Activity 2 / Joint Pan-European Research & Course Development: 1 course development and multiple research workshops (in 2016-17 / Year 2).
  • Activity 3 / Merit-based MA Scholarships: 30 merit-based scholarships awarded at CEU: 17 MA scholarships in 2015-16 / Year 1 and 13 MA scholarships in 2016-17. Please note that 2 other students were admitted in 2016-17 but they deferred for the next academic year (2017-18) and thus, they were not counted as scholarship recipients. In addition, it should be noted that CEU also covers 3 PhD scholarships for RGPP students.
  • Activity 4 / Executive Education: Activities begin in Year 3
  • Activity 5 / Leadership Development: In Year 1, 4 placements with civil society organizations, and 10 internships/placements were granted in Year 2. In addition, Sigrid Rausing Trust supported 10 internship grants: 4 in the beginning of AY2016-17 for internships within RGPP and 6 for the summer and fall of 2017.
  • Activity 6 / Academic Mentorship: 16 PhD students (6 in 2015-16 and 10 in 2016-17) hired and trained as mentors to 33 RGPP students (15 in 2015-16 and 18 in 2016-17)
  • Activity 7 / Mobilizing the Business Community: 2 conferences in Year 2 with 50 business leaders each (in 2016-17)
  • Activity 8 / Academic Conferences: 1 conference on "The U.S. Civil Rights Movement and the European Roma Rights Crisis" for 200+ people in Year 1, plus 1 "Critical Approaches to Romani Studies" conference for 100+ participants in in May 2017 and  1 "Empowering Roma Leaders Workshop" for 11 Roma leaders in May 2017 attended by 40 participants
  • Activity 9 / Summer Workshops: In Year 1 (2016), 1 Summer University (SUN) course on "Romani Identities" offered to 24 Roma and non-Roma researchers. In Year 2 (2017), 1 Summer University (SUN) course on "Romani Identities: Performance, Antigypsyism and Representation" offered to 20 Roma and non-Roma researchers plus 1 SUN course on Inclusive Education.
  • Activity 10 / Chair in Romani Studies: In Year 2, Chair contracted and hired; Senior Program Manager hired. Establishment  of Romani Studies Program (RSP) as an academic unit as of August 1, 2017.
  • Activity 11 / Community Outreach: Two civic engagement officers released calls for research needs to local NGOs including Roma organizations and organized a networking workshop for THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS’ Roma grantees, and CEU hosted an EFC Roma Forum on RIO-hosted study trip, and organized tutoring for Roma students from Dr. Ambedkar Schools.