Sevdjulje Ramadani

Sevdjulje Ramadani holds a BA degree in Psychology from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia and considers her background essential for working with people and promoting Mental Health. During her studies, she gained experience as a Social Mediator in Roma settlements within a project operated by Forum Roma Serbia (FRS). Through the support she provided, many families were able to petition institutions for their rights. Other than her studies and work experience, she was chosen for portraying the best female role at the high school theater festival, “Pozorje.”

As she follows her dream to take an active role in society and promote gender equality, Sevdjule is further inspired by the enormous motivation to improve academically. She is currently taking tutoring classes in Sociology and Social Anthropology and would like to master her academic writing in issues related to class, ethnicity and gender. She is particularly interested in researching domestic violence and the position of Roma women in society. She believes that in the future, through international organizations, she will advocate better policies that focus on low-income families and women’s rights. Her goal is to broaden her knowledge in Social Sciences and apply theoretical knowledge for the sake of social change.