Advanced Certificate in Romani Studies Program - 2021/2022: 

Gopalas Michailovskis, Cultural Heritage Studies Program (MA), Medieval Studies

Blanka Szilasi, Nationalism Studies (MA), Nationalism Studies Program

Blanka is interested in how prejudice towards Roma is created and maintained in society. She focuses on the representation of Roma in far-right, mainstream, and left-wing media. Moreover, she aims to develop practices that can be effectively used to decrease stereotypical rhetoric and prejudice towards Roma. Previously, she worked as a social worker and project coordinator with Roma in Hungary.

Maria Atanasova, Political Science (MA), Political Science

Maria is in her first year of her Political Science MA program. She is interested in identity politics, populism, and voting behavior.

Tayla Myree, Comparative History (MA), History

Tayla is interested in how the genocide of Romani and Sinti during the Holocaust is presented in public space through memorials, museums, and education and explores the erasure of the Romani narrative in these spaces through Romani activists movements towards recognition and repatriation as well as opposing discourse to the plight to Romani. 

Lavinia Laluna Lucie Seidel, Nationalism Studies (MA), Nationalism

Lavinia is interested in the intersections of nationalism, identity, racism and other forms of discrimination, e.g. sexism. She wants to find and improve ways to make a change accesible for everyone. She studies at Nationalism Studies department and is working with Roma feminist organisations Vivaro and Romaniphen.

Alba Hernandez Sanchez, Gender Studies (MA), Gender Studies

For her MA thesis, Alba is doing an empirical reseach about how EU Roma policies have developed the concept of gender with intersectional feminist approach: gendered Romnja issues within the Roma EU framework.


Mihaela Lisia Pamfilie, Sociology and Social Anthropology (MA), Sociology

Lisia is a student at the department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, working on a thesis about the access to social policy in a Romani community. She is interested in learning about racialized poverty and wants to understand the practices within state institutions. Her goal is to study policies that could bring structural changes in society as well as social justice.