Embassy of Canada introduces Work Experience Program with CEU Romani Studies Program

February 5, 2021

Paid work experience program will help candidates develop long-lasting tools

Beginning in April 2021, the Embassy of Canada in Budapest, Hungary will assist students in CEU’s Roma Studies Program to make the transition from their studies to meaningful job experience. The program includes a paid work experience program for three months, and mentorship from a Canadian diplomat and associated Embassy staff. 

 The work experience Program is a joint project between the Embassy of Canada in Hungary and CEU’s Roma Studies Program. The work opportunity will allow students to gain first-hand job experience, put their newly acquired skill sets into practice in a professional context and network in an international setting. 

 The Embassy of Canada in Hungary strives to create a respectful and inclusive workplace, mobilized and supported by leadership at all levels.  Canadian Ambassador Caroline Charette noted, “Canada and the Embassy are dedicated to creating a positive and dynamic environment where employees from diverse backgrounds, with new ideas and fresh perspectives can make a difference and excel”. Canada believes that diversity has played a key role in our country’s development, and greater diversity and inclusion enable organizations to leverage the range of perspectives needed to address today’s complex challenges.