About Roma Graduate Preparation Program


The Roma Graduate Preparation Program (RGPP) is an intensive 10-month program that prepares outstanding Roma graduates with an interest in social sciences and humanities to compete for places on Master's-level courses at internationally recognized universities.

MA-level Tutorials

The RGPP prepares participants for further studies in their chosen field through intensive academic tutoring in disciplines such as Economics, Gender Studies, History, International Relations and European Studies, Law/Human Rights, Nationalism, Political Science, Public Policy and Public Administration, or Sociology, Social Anthropology and Nationalism Studies (additional disciplines may be offered).

Academic English 

RGPP improves the a participants' academic English skills. Language teaching focuses on speaking, writing, listening skills, and uses various instruction formats.

Critical Romani Studies

Throughout the year, participants are also introduced to critical debates regarding the political, economic and social condition and status of Roma through seminars that combine the study of history and identity with recent developments in the politics of governing Roma communities in the region. 

Elective - Romani Language Course

Our unit also offers Romani language for those who seek to imporove their Romani language skills. The course takes place in each term and is elective. 

Graduate Student Skills

The program also improves other skills such as academic writing, critical thinking and study skills.

Exposure to CEU Environment

Participants gain first-hand experience of the core degree programs of CEU, through study trips and auditing of CEU Master's level classes.


The RGPP's academic year runs from September until middle of June. This is a full-time program. Participants are expected to stay on campus for the duration of all the semesters.


All enrolled participants receive full scholarships for the entire period of the program. The financial aid covers travel to and from Budapest/Vienna, tuition and fees, accommodation in the CEU Residence Center or other student accomodations in Vienna, health insurance support, study materials, and living expenses.

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