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CEU is a new model for international education, a center for study of contemporary economic, social and political challenges as well as a source of support for building open and democratic societies that respect human rights and human dignity. Supporting Roma and the development of Romani Studies at CEU is part of the university's mission. Building on CEU's longstanding reputation in enhancing higher education, research, and professional opportunities for Roma, CEU's Roma Access Programs (RAP) is transformed into the Romani Studies Program (RSP) as of August 1, 2017. RSP is an academic unit at CEU, encompassing the Roma Graduate Preparation Program (RGPP) and the Advanced Certificate Program in Romani Studies.

According to the Hungarian tax law, taxpayers can redirect their previous year's paid taxes to an approved charity. Since Roma Access Programs relies entirely on grant support and individual donations, our alumni took the initiative to create this and kick-of the 1% campaign. Find out how you can support RSP and RGPP at

CEU's Romani Studies Program make a difference

Did you know that CEU is home to the only university initiative of its kind designed to help Roma students build the skills needed to enter graduate education and advance their careers?

Since 2004, more than 300 students have completed our year-long Roma Graduate Preparation Program and intensive Roma English Language Program (past project).  We could not be prouder of the difference our graduates make in the lives of their communities. Over 80% of our alumni are accepted to MA at reputable international universities, including CEU, while others take up leadership roles, conducting policy and advocacy work that benefits Roma communities and European society at large. Currently, about 5% also pursue or already earned their PhDs.