Graduating AC Students 2024

June 27, 2024

Congratulations to the graduating Advanced Certificate in Romani Studies Program Students!

Dorina De-Jouge 
Department of Legal Studies, 1YMA 
Title: Roots & Routes: a podcast about climate justice, human rights and the stories of people displaced by environmental degradation 

Viktoria Krizanova 
Department of Legal Studies, 1YMA 
Thesis: Breaking the silence: Exploring Menstruation in Romani Communities in Slovakia 


Stelina Dungaj 
Department of Sociology, 2YMA (Year 2) 

Thesis: Voices in Transition: A Comprehensive Analysis of Albanian Romani Women in Greece Navigating and Challenging Patriarchy and Gender Inequality Prior to and Following Migration 


Natalia Noskovicova 
Department of Political Science, 2YMA (Year 2) 
Thesis: Secular Coat and Catholic Cassock? Czech and Slovak Anti-Gender Movements in a Comparative Perspective 

Dora Oprics 
Department of Legal Studies, 1YMA 
Thesis: The 2022 Hungarian Child Protection referendum and the civil society campaign that made it invalid 

Slobodan Stankovic  
Department of Sociology, 1YMA 
Thesis: From Dumpsters to Informal Markets: Ethnography of Romani Trash Pickers in Belgrade