Attila Andras Ferkovics

January 15, 2018

I am coming from a Roma family from a Hungarian village called Doboz. I raised up at the country side where I graduated from the elementary, high school and university.
 Then I went to the capital city of my county to graduate at a technical high school. Then I took there a Logistical manager assistant certificate which is a higher educational degree but not a university diploma. In 2012 I started to work full-time as logistical assistant at the Romanian-Hungarian border and parallel I was studying in the Szent Istvan university.
In 2014 I moved to work for a biggest factory in our county where I was working in a manager position. I got my university diploma in 2015 as a Technical Manager. I realised I cannot improve further in my workplace plus I did not speak English.
After these experiences I was considering my situation if I stay at the country side. I did not find good chances as a professional and could not have time to improve my English because I needed to work. I came to Budapest to learn English at the Roma English Language Programme giving me a good basic of language skills, international living environment and finally I met with Roma people from all over the word.
Then, I was accepted to the Roma Graduate Preparation Programme, providing me new experiences, academic English level and tutoring on Economics. I spend my summers at the Roma Education Fund working as an intern then as a research assistant.  I am glad for the RELP and RGPP because they made me capable to apply for the MA degree at CEU. Currently, I am a first year MA student at CEU, studying Economic Policy at Global market.