Advanced Certificate in Romani Studies Program Students 

Donald Myrteli, International Relations 2-year-program (MA)

Donald comes from Albania. He is also an RGPP alumni, he graduated in 2022. Donald believes that the certificate track fits him not only because he is aso Roma, but also because his openness to learn: he is eager to know and learn more about Roma utilizing academia and research. Donald is a  first year MA student.




Natalia Noskovicova, Gender Studies, 2-year-program (MA)

Natalia comes from Slovakia, where she finished her BA in European Studies. She is currently in her 2nd year of MA studies. Natalia’s thesis will explore anti-gender mobilizations and their character in secular and religious societies in Central Europe.

She is also interested in the intersections of gender, race and cognitive disability.  

Dorina de Jonge, Human Rights 1-year-program (MA)
Dorina, originally comes from Hungary. She has lived and studied in the UK, Italy, and India before pursuing her studies at CEU. 
Dorina's main research area delves into the connection between climate change and human rights. 
Specifically, she is interested in exploring how Romani populations in Hungary and Central Eastern Europe navigate this complex intersection.


Viktória Krizanova, Human Rights (MA)

Viktória Krizanova comes from Slovakia. She holds a BA in Political Science and International Relations. She wrote her BA thesis on the securitization of migration in Slovakia. At CEU,  she is pursuing an MA in human rights in the legal department. Alongside this, Viktoria is working for an international NGO that is now she is becoming more active within the EU and Roma housing policy advocacy. She believes that the RSP Certificate is a great opportunity for people to gain valuable knowledge about a part of our society that has been systematically marginalised by all actors. Also, it is very relevant for our region. Viktoria is looking forward to the experience.

Gentian Doci, Nationalism Studies, 2-year-program (MA)

Gentian Doçi comes from Albania. He has an undergraduate degree in Translation and Interpretation as well as an MA in Human rights and Democracy in South-East Europe.

He is pursuing his studies in nationalism. His interest in Romani Studies comes from a human rights perspective. He is also interested in nationalism, media representation and minority rights.

Tyler Stephens, Comparative History 2-year-program (MA)

Tyler comes from Seattle, WA, USA. He went to the University of Washington for his BA in Sociology and Comparative History of Ideas. His areas of focus are on disability, gender, and sexuality and is interested in applying those fields to comparative and transnational histories from Central and Eastern Europe. He is also interested in microhistory and political history. His overlap with Romani Studies comes from an interest he gained after visiting a humanitarian group for Roma in Ostrava, CZ, called “Living Together" where first learned about the difficulties facing local Roma communities, such as discrimination in education, housing, healthcare, and participation in society.  He wants to graduate from CEU and then go on to complete a PhD in Berlin.


Dora Oprics, Human Rights (MA)

Dóra Oprics comes from Budapest, Hungary. She has gained her BA degree in International Relations at Corvinus University. Dóra sees a great need to know more about the Romani community.

She is especially interested in researching the intersections of womenhood, queerness, and being of Romani origins in an Eastern European Context. Dóra thinks that the Romani Studies Advanced certificate will be an excellent addition to her Human Rights MA degree.

Cory Dudka, Nationalism Studies, 2 Year- program (MA)

Cory Dudka comes from the United States of America. He went to the University of Wisconsin for his BS in History and Political Science and has a minor in Art History. He wrote his honors thesis on the development and rise of Ukrainian nationalism in the 19th century. His MA thesis will primarily explore Carpatho-Rusyn conceptions of Identity and belonging, to which the RSP Certificate is a great opportunity to learn about minority groups and rights in the region. 

Edina Zelenyanszky, Nationalism Studies 2-year-program (MA)

Edina Zelenyanszky is a 2 year student of the Nationalism studies program. Edina's interest in the Romani studies grew out of the political atmosphere dominating her home country, Hungary, where anti-Roma sentiments are sky-rocketing, due to which the Roma population faces discrimination, live in poverty, which comes hand in hand with bad housing sitations, health care issues, unemployment, etc.
In her research, she would like to focus on the Orbán goverment's pro-nationalist policies and their exclusionary, ethnicised character. Within that, Edina intends to study the accessibility of loans that are supposed to boost child birth within Hungary, from the perspective of Roma families.
Slobodan StankovicMA in Sociology and Social Anthropology 1-year-program (MA)

Slobodan Stankovic comes from Belgrade, Serbia, where he earned his BA in social work in 2021.

In the academic year 2022/23, he completed RGPP at CEU and got accepted into the 1-year MA program in the department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at CEU. Slobodan's MA thesis focuses on informal Romani trash pickers in Belgrade. Slobodan has also been a part of the Romani movement in Serbia for more than a decade.


Fatos KaytanMA in Public Policy 2-year-program (MA)

Fatos Kaytan comes from Turkey. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology. After graduation, Fatos started to work with an NGO concerned with Roma Rights.

She graduated from RGPP in 2023.  Earning a master's degree from CEU after RGPP was something she always wanted. 

Fatos is interested in working on issues such as urban transformation, the right to education, and the right to health. Now, she is in her first year of her MA program.

Stelina Dungaj, Sociology and Social Anthropology, 2-year program (MA) 

Stelina comes from Albania. She is an RGPP alumna. Stelina  believes that the Advanced Certificate in Romani Studies is a great opportunity for all Roma and non-Roma students. It  provides a great picture of the situation of the minority.

It also prepares students to critically consider and analyze all the policies and strategies that are implemented with regard to their life improvement in many dimensions and find out what is the most sufficient way to think and write about Roma.

Maria Aguileria, Gender Studies,  2-year program (MA) 
Maria Aguileria comes from Spain. She earned her BA degree in advertising and public relations in Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. In the past, Maria worked at FAGIC, a Catalonia-based NGO for Roma. She graduated from RGPP in 2024.
She is currently in her first year of the MA program. She is interested in advancing both Roma LGBTQ+ people's and women's rights. Maria's main interests are to help young Roma and improve the communication between organizations and society. 

 Lavinia Laluna Lucie Seidel, Nationalism Studies (MA), Nationalism

Lavinia comes from Romania. Lavinia is interested in the intersections of nationalism, identity, racism and other forms of discrimination, for example, sexism.  She wants to find and improve ways to make a change accesible for everyone. 
Since 2021, she studies at Nationalism Studies department. She became an AC student in 2021.  Lavinia is very active in the Vienna-based local Roma civil society.
Currently, she is working with Roma feminist organisations Vivaro (based in Vienna) and Romaniphen (based in Romania). Lavinia' s expected date of graduation is 2024.

Gopalas Michailovskis, Cultural Heritage Program, 2-year (MA)
Gopalas holds an MA in Operatic Singing from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA).  He is also an RGPP alumni graduating from RGPP in 2021. He is currently working on his MA thesis.