Judit Ignácz

January 15, 2018

My first encounter with the CEU happened in 2014, when I get the chance to participate in the Roma English Language Program, RELP; a 9 month program focusing on acquiring English language knowledge. In 2015, I got admitted to the Roma Graduate Preparation Program, where I had the chance to improve my English and take a TOEFL. During RGPP, besides English courses, tutoring classes were very useful and effective concerning the preparation for my further studies. RGPP with the contribution of well-prepared professors assisted my professional development in the context of tutoring classes and possibility for auditing courses in master programs at the CEU. Due to the international environment, I could broaden my knowledge about the situation of different countries and by meeting personnaly people from all over Europe, I get familiar with different cultures. In the framework of Roma Access Programs, I also had the opportunity to do internships supported by the Sigrid Rausing Trust Internship Grant. These internships with the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and the Roma Education Found (REF) were very productive and practical, which improved many of my skills. RGPP gave me a lifelong experience, friendships, connections and a strong supportive community until my succesful application to the Master of Public Administration of the School of Public Policy at the CEU in 2016.