Alumni at Annual Conference - first-come, first-serve basis!

April 18, 2024

Get one of the 5 free spaces available at the RGPP's 20th Anniversary Conference, 16-17 May 2024

We are proud to confirm that the Roma Graduate Preparation Program is celebrating its 20th Anniversary at Central European University this year.

We offer 5 RGPP Alumni a Europe-wide round-trip ticket and one night’s accommodation at a Vienna hotel to join us for the upcoming Romani Studies Program conference Challenging the Reproduction of Inequality Through Higher Education: Critical Approaches in Romani Studies and Beyond: Celebrating 20 Years of Roma Access Programs taking place Thursday-Friday, 16-17 May 2024 on the CEU Vienna campus (1100 Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51).

Places are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis – to whoever writes us an e-mail first!

HOW TO APPLY: Send us an e-mail to with the subject line: RGPP Alumni Place @ CRS Conference 2024. In your email you must include a couple of sentences explaining why it’s important to you to be there. In your email you must also agree to participate in the RGPP Alumni panel (16 May, 6-7 pm) and in general help the organizers with the conference. (We are not expecting you to prepare anything in advance or do a lot of work at the event, however, you are supposed to be ready to share your RAP/RGPP experience with the audience and participate in the Hybrid Alumni Gathering of the Roma Access Program/Roma Graduate Preparation Program Thursday, 16 May 18:30-19:30).

We are looking forward to receiving your e-mail - FIRST-COME, FIRST SERVED!

This is your celebration, and we need you there!