Arman Heljic (Bosnia and Herzegovina, RGPP '13)

April 19, 2016

The Roma Access Programs represent a unique space of transformations. It is a space of constant questioning of the knowledge about the worlds we grew up in, and those towards which we strive, in a joint journey and struggle against discrimination and exclusion. Roma Access Programs offer an environment that is a safe space for renegotiation of our knowledge about what it means to be Roma. I was blessed to have classmates and be in an institution that supports this dialogue. In my academic and life journey, I encountered discrimination based on gender, ethnic, learning ability and sexuality grounds. Together with colleagues of my generation, we have addressed these and many other forms of discrimination that we face, while trying to be open and understanding towards each other. The support I have received from my colleagues, tutors and professors are the most valuable experience of academic growth I had in my life.