Apply to RAP: messages from current students

November 19, 2015

"Calm down and come study at the Roma Graduate Preparation Program, here, at CEU. Your perspectives will change positively. I improved a lot over the past months. Don't worry any longer, come and join us!"

Xhenson Cela, student of Roma Graduate Preparation Program, Albania, Tutoring in Public Policy

"Jelentkezz a RELP-be és ha bekerülsz, az angol nyelv elsajátítása mellett egy felejthetetlen, életre szóló élményben lesz részed. Hajrá! 

Apply for RELP and if you get in, besides acquiring English knowledge, you'll get an unforgettable lifelong experience. Go ahead!"

Judit is from Hungary and one year ago she was a student of the Roma English Language Program. Now she's in RGPP, preparing to apply for a MA program in Public Policy.

"I really encourage everyone to apply for the Roma Graduate Preparation Program as everything here is designed to help you achieve your aims. The only thing you need to focus on is learning. Central European University has really good opportunities to offer. Additionally, here you will always find a really welcoming community of people who are similar to you, have the same background, same goals. Roma Access Programs at CEU is a really great place to study and grow!"

Zsusanna Kovacs, student of Roma Graduate Preparation Program, Hungary, tutoring in Human Rights

"The Roma Graduate Preparation Program is for those who see themselves in the future as leaders, as part of a new generation. You will gain here all the necessary knowledge for your MA studies, so it's definitely worth applying!"

Julian Kondur, Ukraine, Tutoring in Human Rights