Olesija Cili (Albania, RAP '11)

I am one of the fortunate students who studied for 10 months at RGPP, which is one of those programs that changed my life and my way of thinking, and gave me the possibility to improve my English at an academic level, equipped me with academic skills, and provided us with the opportunity to improve our knowledge of Romani language, history and culture. My favorite part had been the classes in Human Rights and Public Policy.

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"Calm down and come study at the Roma Graduate Preparation Program, here, at CEU. Your perspectives will change positively. I improved a lot over the past months. Don't worry any longer, come and join us!"

Xhenson Cela, student of Roma Graduate Preparation Program, Albania, Tutoring in Public Policy

Marinela Isuf (Albania)

October 14, 2015
Not knowing English has been an obstacle in continuing my MA studies. Being part of RELP allows me to make new friends with young Roma from all over Europe and exchange with them experiences regarding Roma issues.

Xhenson Cela

October 5, 2015
Country: Albania Academic Background: Law

A Journey from Roma Access Program to Doctoral Studies - Bujar Taho

It has been ten years since I graduated Roma Access Program (currently known as Roma Graduate Preparation Program). It is such an important part of my career, which not only shaped my academic ambitions, but also gave greater meaning to my Romani identity.